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Why are Pets Good for your Well-being?

By Tanaya Mehta

Tanaya's dogs– Max and Poppy

George Elliot once said, “Animals are such agreeable friends, they ask no questions, they pass no criticism”. I completely agree with this statement, because it really speaks the truth about having a pet. Pets are not judgmental and won’t ever try to purposely hurt you.

My dogs play a very important part in my life and I hardly even remember how I lived without them by my side. Having a pet of your own instills a sense of responsibility and care, it makes you more mindful and kind, and ultimately a better person. Being a dog lover and having a pet myself, I’ve started to recognize a lot of smaller meaningful things that are quite important today.

Having a healthy well-being and a supportive environment is good for the body. Several people worldwide face the issue of anxiety and have mental and physical well-being problems. A pet is probably the best companion to have as they provide a sense of calm and reassurance to their owner. Many people report that having a pet reduces depression, anxiety, stress; and increases happiness and impacts overall wellness. Having a pet is like a friend you can talk to, they are often great listeners and will comfort you when you most need it.

To maintain a good physical well-being, a pet can help by increasing your opportunities to go out, socialize, and maintain a fit body. A dog, for example, requires several walks in a day to keep itself moving and busy. Hence, they can inspire you to go out of your comfort zone to become active and continue to maintain a good state of mind. A pet can do several things to keep you happy but at the same time, you are meant to reciprocate that love by spending time with them. Even short playtimes or interacting with them gives them an ultimate reward that will make them happy.

Yes, it may be constantly cumbersome to clean after your pet, but at the end of the day those bothers will disappear, the love and support they provide you with will emerge as more important. The most agreeable friends I have ever found are my 2 dogs, Max and Poppy.

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