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What COVID Made me Realise...

By Anshika Bansal

COVID has been a tough time for all of us as it was something totally unexpected and there has never been anything like it before. The pandemic is seen in a lot of negative light, but I believe that there were some positive things that must be focused on. Staying home all day and not being able to go out even for a walk made me realize how much we took going out for granted; just even going to a mall or a restaurant with friends has became a huge deal. When COVID initially began and all the schools shut down, it felt like a holiday, and it was exciting to be on vacation in the middle of a school year. But after months of staying at home I started missing going to school and meeting my friends and teachers. Coronavirus compelled us to be with our family, spend time with them, and understand how important it is to have the support of family members and friends during tough times. Furthermore, because of COVID, prominent issues were addressed around the world such as mental health, pride month, and even climate change through social media and news channels.

This pandemic has made me become aware of how much we take doctors, scientists, and nurses for granted. We live in a world where a virus that was never seen before has a vaccination in a year. We have become so used to staying at home, that even going out feels so new. A mask is like something I subconsciously wear.

Through these tough times, I, as a person, have become more empathetic to people around the world as the pandemic put a lot of families in tough situations. COVID, I believe, was like a wakeup call to all of us to get up and see what's happening to the people around us. Many years from now, this virus will be history that will be written about in textbooks, websites, and my nieces and nephews might ask me about this just like I ask my grandparents and parents about things when they were younger.

In the end, COVID has made me understand how much we all take for granted, even high fives and hugs! This virus has taken a lot from us, as a planet, but it has also given. New perspectives, time with our families, and a realization of how much we don't take into consideration. The effect that the pandemic has had on all of us is insurmountable, it’s made me understand so many things, but it also opened my eyes to so many new things, which I only realize now.

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