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Watch This Video of Deer Crossing the Streets of Chandigarh

During lockdown the citizens of Chandigarh weren't able to run, but at least deers were

By Mehr Sohal

Not one...not two...but three deers were spotted dashing across the empty roads of Chandigarh.

For Nidhi Gupta, "A source of great joy during the lockdown has been the reclaiming of city spaces by animals. One such example is deer roaming freely in Chandigarh".

While this video is amusing and definitely would put a smile on your face (it sure did put one on mine), it reminds us that there is some fraction of a silver lining during this pesky pandemic. In the absence of people in Chandigarh, wildlife is back to reclaim what was originally theirs; this lockdown has been a 'summer vacation', of sorts, for nature.

I can only hope that the effects of the Unlockdown don't immediately damage the time nature has had to heal itself. Even if that means that residents of Chandigarh will continue living in fear of leopards strolling in their lawn or backyards.

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