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By Mehr Sohal

UnLawyer is an organisation on multiple online platforms that aims to talk about all things law. Their slogan of sorts seems to be– 'Get your legal cereal at UnLawyer!' This platform is of crucial importance in 2020, more than ever before, due to the sheer number of things happening around us that leave us confused; and show that we (specifically the youth) clearly need to know more about law and legal systems all around the world.

Hearing from the Head of Content of UnLawyer, Pranav Govil:

Why did you feel the need to start Unlawyer? 

We mainly started UnLawyer with the purpose of an academic approach. Legal systems across the world are so vast, and there are so many questions and debates revolving around them. We wanted to provide a platform where people can have these questions answered, learn about the ugly side of the legal system (wrongful convictions, discriminatory laws, etc.) as well as discuss these topics with one another.

How would you describe the aim of this organisation in a couple of sentences? 

While restricting UnLawyer to a single aim or vision would be anomaly, it can be said that our core aim will always be shedding light on and making people aware of the state of broken criminal justice systems around the world.

If you could only pick one of your Instagram posts which one would it be?

Among the posts which have been put out till now, the 'Black Lives Matter' post, which we'd posted when we'd freshly started out, is probably the most important issue that needs to be continuously addressed, as the problem is far from being solved. The fight for the African-American community extends much further than police brutality and cultural discrimination. Justice systems in numerous countries (especially the U.S.) are riddled with a history of racial discrimination, and issues like these also form a large part of what UnLawyer aims to target.


The official Instagram page of UnLawyer (@unlawyerofficial) also has quirky tads of information about laws around the world that are not that commonly heard of. For instance, the following post:

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