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Trevor Noah Lifting Spirits with Weekly Good News

By Mehr Sohal Comedian and television host, Trevor Noah, has started a ‘Daily Social Distancing Show’ on YouTube to keep all of us stuck at home smiling and informed. One specific segment of this new show that I find absolutely amazing is a weekly video on ‘This Week’s Good News’...very fitting with the ‘The Joyful Peach’. 

Link on the weekly good news dosage for the week of 24th May, 2020–

Some of the good news he covered in his snappy 20 minute video are:

1. A Detroit priest spotted spraying holy water from a toy water gun; innovative way of reinforcing social distancing.

Read more:

2. Safe ‘one-on-one’ concerts in Germany; the most famous example being a flute recital in the Stuttgart airport

For more:

3. Bicycles are the new ‘toilet paper’ in USA, with an increasing shortage of this form of transportation– good form of exercise for those in lockdown (

4. A 100-year-old British veteran (Capt. Tom Moore) awarded knighthood– raised 40 million dollars for Britain National Health Service by walking the length of his garden 100 times!

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