Theatre Artistes in Bangalore Turn Food Entrepreneurs

A group of artistes have found a new passion and source of income during these trying times: a mobile eatery

By Mehr Sohal

The COVID-19 outbreak will have lasting effects on art, crafts, and theatre. Theatre, in specific, that usually needs a live audience is not going to be the same for a while at least. Unfortunately, this leaves professional artists, artisans, and theatre artistes without a source of income and livelihood; even though lockdown restrictions have been lifted.

Nonetheless, there is some good news! Trying times call for new ideas, innovation, and resourcefulness. A resilient group of five theatre artistes in Bangalore have opened up a mobile eatery near Nandini Layout bus stop; hence, becoming food entrepreneurs. The best part about this mobile canteen is that it has enabled the theatre enthusiasts to explore a new passion– cooking.

As of now, the food cart operates out of a minivan and is selling sambar, idli, vadas, and tomato bath among other local delicacies (all homemade). However, the long-term goal of the artistes is to turn the food van into an art space by holding poetry and photography sessions.

Source: The Hindu

The efforts of the mobile eatery owners prove that those who are resilient will make it through the challenges the pandemic has brought in. There is some hope. Things may not be as normal as they were before; but discovering new passions, learning, and adapting to the changed environment is a part of human nature.

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