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The Week That Was: News from Mariah Mathias' lens

Mariah Mathias has started a weekly newsletter that presents news in a more concise and attractive manner, for the younger audience who usually refrain from reading about current affairs.


Hearing from Mariah:

"I actually started this newsletter around the time the lockdown began, as everyone was only receiving COVID-related news, which had become extremely monotonous and saddening. I had hoped to provide individuals with other news that could be harder to find amidst the several articles about the pandemic; or perhaps news that was generally more exciting but hidden.

In addition, I realized that many individuals our age refrain from reading the newspaper, or news through any medium for that matter, due to the way it is presented and the lack of variety. This is where the memes and pictures came into play. I thought that this may interest our age group more, and perhaps encourage teenagers to read about current affairs if they were presented in an exciting manner.

When a compressed version of the newspaper is dropped in their mailbox every week, there is a greater affinity towards reading it, rather than when they have to flip through various pages. With memes and color, they are more inclined to reading about topics that may usually not interest them."


Newsletter from June 14th:

You can subscribe to the newsletter on this link–

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