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'The Future'

By Siya Arora

It seems a little scary, doesn’t it?

The uncertainty, the unknown.

The fact that at any moment, 

A whole new way life could be blown.

Where will I be 10 years from now?

What if I don’t have any money?

Will I be living a cold, sad life?

Or will everything be happy and sunny?

We spend most of our lives,

Trying to make sure, you see, 

That the answers to these scary questions, 

Are exactly what we want them to be.

But do we ever stop to think,

That the situation we are in currently, 

Is just where, a while ago,

We were hoping and praying to be?

If our hard work, our abilities,

Have finally brought us to a good place.

Why don’t we feel happy and celebrate?

Why do we keep running, like it’s a race?

It’s almost as if we’ve told ourselves,

That we “can’t” be satisfied already.

That there’s so much more to do in life,

That we have to keep moving, FAST and steady.

No one knows what destiny,

Presents you with the next minute. 

So if the world has given you happiness,

Why not take a moment to wallow in it?

What’s the point of making plans,

To have a future that is good?

If when that future comes, 

You don’t enjoy it like you should.

If when that future comes, 

About tomorrow you go on thinking,

What happens to today?

The today you deserve to be living.

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