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The Dashing Fountain

A poem by Vivin Karthik

I was falling into the well of life

Baffled, spooked and untethered

Having no control whatsoever

With no end I could see

Through time life put many cuts on me

There was love and then rejection

There was happiness and then sorrow

There was applaud and soon regret

There was trust and later betrayal

Life continued striking to knock me down

Finally, life blew me down to the end of the well

I laid there wearing my bones

There were no tears left in my eyes

Only darkness in the two sockets of my skull

I rested in this coffin of failures and regrets

Weeds and flowers were grown around

The sepulchre silence was deafening

But then I heard a sparkling sound

Coming under from where I was laying

It was amplifying through time

Getting mightier and mightier like a roar

Hallelujah, it was not the end for me

Water slowly started coming out

From underneath to fill the desolation

The desolation of the well of life

It touched my bones and skull

And I started rising up gradually

Rising up against all my rejections

Against all my defeats and sorrows

I dashed out from the doomed well of life

Like a spectacular fountain of steadfast

I came out from the hole with full of life

Boldly rising up above mountains and sky

To the unknown and beyond

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