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Sole Warriors

In conversation with Sia Godika, Founder of Sole Warriors

Sole Warriors is an initiative aims to reduce the contraction of foot diseases by providing quality and recycled footwear. We do this by collecting footwear from those who have them in excess and give them to those who are unable to get them. The organisation hopes to help achieve the UN sustainable development Goal of good health.

What is the impact you have made through this initiative?

How did you get so many volunteers/Sole Warriors on board?

Initially, a poster which I had made for the first collection drive was shared in a few local whatsapp groups. Then I got added to 3 whatsapp groups where there were hundreds of eco warriors. These people were very supportive of my initiative. In the past, they had initiated clothes/food collection drives in their communities and they were more than glad to start collecting footwear.

What inspired you to start Sole Warriors? A year ago, there was construction going on near my house. I saw construction workers. Their feet were cracked, hard and dirty. So were their children’s feet. This image stuck in my mind. Then, during the lockdowns I saw many barefoot construction workers on the news. When I researched about this topic further, I found that there were millions of people barefoot. From personal experience I know that most of us have shoes at home which we never use. I connected the two. This is what led me to conceive Sole Warriors.


What YOU can do to help?

Find out more at

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