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Relief of Art in COVID-19 World

Art as a means of coping mechanism in the wake of pandemic

By Mehr Sohal

New Banksy Piece Celebrates Superhero Health Workers:

With the negativity the COVID-19 virus has brought into our world and lives, it's humbling to see artworks that are positive; leave a smile on your face; and act as a coping mechanism for these dark times. The above painting of a child playing with a new superhero– a nurse, reminds us of who we ought to be grateful for in the wake of this pandemic. The eccentric and world-renowned artist, Banksy, created this meticulous piece of art as a “thank you” to all the front-line workers out there.

Art in the COVID-19 world doesn’t stop at merely Banksy. Artists all around the world are taking this time as an opportunity to express their emotions about the pandemic– both good and bad, through their brushstrokes, colors, graffiti and comics. 


Artist, Tara Anand, has displayed our new means of communication with friends and family: Online! Be it through Zoom or Facetime, our definition of ‘meeting up’ has definitely been refurbished.

Teenage doodler, Kuhu Juneja, created a thought provoking series of artworks to depict the concept of time during lockdown. The following poem she wrote meticulously describes her own work: 

Yesterday was no different than today

And today that to the day that follows

It's a whirlwind we are stuck into

Caged, trapped and entombed

Kuhu believes that, “The lockdown has taken its toll on almost everything that we humans hold dear and precious, from gestures of love and comfort to voluntary travel. Staying in the same place day in and day out can make life seem monotonous, and it doesn't help that the situation is at best uncertain as of now. What we can do, however, is to make sure we take time out to see that we utilise this extra time doing things we actually like - be it writing the plot to that movie you had always imagined in your mind or trying out a recipe to know if it works - let's do it now!”

Artist (and my teacher), Pradeep Pady, has created an artwork titled ‘HOPE’ that “reflects today's concerns and tomorrow's positive hope”. Hope of all things, is of utmost necessity in such a crisis.

Another artwork by the same inspiring artist is titled ‘The Act for Future’. Pradeep believes, “The intention behind my artwork is to show how we all are coming together to fight something which is invisible yet it is harmful. If you see today’s action we are taking as one, by staying at home, the positive side of it is that we can fight regardless of any obstacles if we are united (locally /globally)”

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