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Updated: Jun 6, 2020

By Auctorre

we were in Paris, 

staring at the sparkling tower, 

two lovely illiterates,

scarfing down gelato, 

thinking of Italy, 

of it’s winding streets,

that snake through the city, 

of it’s beautiful people, 

we once called ours. 

we were in Italy, 

a long, long time ago, 

drifting down the canals, 

in our dead neighbor’s boat, 

we were thinking of France, 

of the hot chocolate, 

the croissants, 

the baguettes, 

the perfume, 

and his hands, 

as he defined the love he had for her, 

in three words and a glance. 

We were thinking of its cities, 

it’s beaches, 

and palaces, 

thinking of the memories, 

and wild dances, 

of the beautiful midnight silence, 

when we watched him slip the thin treasure, 

onto her trembling finger, 

her whole body shaking, 


in Paris, 

in front of the sparkling tower. ~ auctorre •

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