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Naarivad: Indian youth-led organisation

Naarivad focuses on the upliftment of women and gender minorities in policy, society, and media

What is the impact Naarivad has made?

"We have made a significant impact in the digital sphere through our content. We are currently trying to extend our work to directly impact the lives of women and gender minorities. We have also created courses on Financial Literacy to further empower individuals, and are working on helping organisations realise the value that women and GSM hold."

Website -

Example of the important discussions Naarivad starts; taken from their Instagram account (

When have newspapers ever spoken about the inadequate and insufficient budgetary allocation towards gender issues? The organisation is covering issues, sharing important stories, and providing an analysis of topics that one rarely finds in the mass media.

Who are your end users? "Our end-users are anybody under the sun who is willing to listen to us and join us in our journey of unlearning inherent cognitive stereotypes and biases. Why? We think we resonate with this crowd and know first-hand what it feels like when the scales are tipped against you. We want to build a community of users who are equipped with fact-based and well-researched information, that can help them fight the inequality that they experience in their own way."

What was the inspiration behind Naarivad? "Naarivad started out as an outlet to vent years and years of pent up frustration with the hidden or ignored or "normalised" problems that women and GSM face in their ordinary lives. It further developed into an organisation that creates fact-based content to tackle the inherent gender disparity and to try to bring about change."

The Naarivad Team

How is the organisation making the world happier, safer, equitable, or sustainable? "Our organisation aims to make the world safer and equitable through education and awareness, along with initiatives to bring about a direct impact and help empower individuals."

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