'Morning Treasure'

By Nandisha Gupta

When you see the hazy, yellow, hot burning ball with the streak of orange

When you see the thin, scattered clouds spread out in the clear sky

When you see the birds chirping, the trees waking with their usual pandiculation

You know its nature at its best you’ve just liberated your being into

Then the still sound, the empty streets, the clean roads, the zenith of peace

Well there are times when you feel there’s a lot going around in the air

Just then you see the wonder of nature as a parrot camouflages itself on a lush green glorious tree

It edges itself on one of those branches

Nervously lithe as a tightrope walker

You are forced to capture that moment

If not grab a cooler drink to please Lord with appreciation for the presence of HIS underlying current

Seasons are changing after a span of time

But the morning sky moves from blue to grey with the gentle movement of the eye

Morning treasures are capturing you

To go back to nature every morning, leaving behind your groaning Monday blues

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