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Macha's Bakery– Kaahinee Agarwal

What is Macha's bakery?

Macha's bakery is a bakery that specializes in cookies, we started during the first lockdown in April last year.

How is the bakery making a change?

Half of our profits are donated to different social causes and through this bakery, we hope to achieve a world where people are not dying of hunger, and people have basic requirements like food and water. We also work in a minimal waste kitchen and our packaging is completely sustainable as we pack our cookies in old newspaper.

What impact has been made?

Till now, we have donated 100 masks to an orphanage, food packages to migrant workers, rations to an old age home and so much more!

Before I started Macha’s bakery, I used to bake a lot, but now I can bake knowing it's for a good cause and it is helping people. We donate half of our profits because we believe we need to give back to the community as it is our duty

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