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Lost the Battle, Won the War

By Ananya Pritam

We all fall. We all get hurt. It’s okay. Some of us only scrape our knees, but some of us break our bones. In the end, we all recovered– with all the scars disappeared, and the wounds healed. The crying, the screaming, they aren’t signs of weakness– they’re signs of strength. Every tear shed is a sign of endurance of pains that are one too many. It’s okay to cry, it’s okay to admit that you’re lost.

Because no matter what people say, crying doesn’t make you weak. But what’s not okay is giving up, because no matter how empty we feel, we always get through. And the feeling you get when you’ve pulled yourself out of that dark place makes you feel more powerful than ever– and this power is what makes us grow and learn. Every tear is a battle lost, but when the crying stops, the war is won.

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