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Life is But a Dream?

By Mehr Sohal

Do you ever have these epiphanic moments of profound realization in the oddest of places? While taking a shower, while brushing your teeth, or while phasing out in the Physics classroom to name some. Being humans with inquisitive minds, all of us experience these moments where we truly think we are geniuses. 

Take Shakespeare’s renowned play, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ for example. The script delves into a psychological exploration of human life and nature; Are you in love, or in love with the idea of being in love? Does man’s true, raw, and rough characteristics only come to surface when stripped of all inhibitions? Are you only really the truest ‘you’ when in an unconscious state of mind? I’m sure these thoughts didn’t just bounce right into William Shakespear’s mind. For all we know, he could have been sitting in the Renaissance-period equivalent of a subway, cornered by wailing babies when he reflected on the nuances of life. 

Well, I too had an ‘Aha!’ moment the other day…What if dreams are a reality, and what we perceive to be reality is merely a figment of our imagination? Yes, I know that science has proved this metaphysical theory on ‘appearance vs. reality’ to be wrong; but wouldn’t it be rather plain to always be rationale and never inquire into something. Just thinking about the possibility of our dreams being the true reality is extremely overwhelming. 

Imagine if the repetitive, monotonous routine of going to school, being with friends, doing homework, and spending time with the family was all a dream. It would mean that each individual’s dreams are being stringed together like a ribbon to form one massive and gigantic storyline with several characters. It would almost be as if our personal dreams are spilling into the dreams of the people we know, and intertwining with their imagination. How fascinating it would be for all of us to be experiencing the same dream, but from different perspectives. 

And so, taking reference from ‘Row Row Row Your Boat’, could it be that “life is but a dream?” A mega-dream, to be precise. How wonderful it would be if the pesky pandemic and other tragedies of 2020 were merely an offspring of our collective creativity. 

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