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Jharkhand Gadget Bank to Support Underprivileged Children

By Shriya Karuturi

Historian Frank M. Snowden believes epidemics hold up a mirror to society. We’ve all suffered during this pandemic, but it has truly emphasized the inequality in our society as many underprivileged children were forced to discontinue their schooling due to not having the appropriate technology. 65% of students enrolled in government school do not have access to online school. Now this will only add to the vicious cycle of poverty and inequality in India; it may even drive them to choose a life of crime. The state police in Jharkhand have taken up the initiative to bridge the gap between underprivileged children and education through technology.

The clever policemen have identified the issue and its corresponding solution. Numerous people throw out their gadgets every couple of years to purchase the latest model. Instead of just letting it lie in your house collecting dust, the police have developed a system where you can drop it off with them and they will distribute the tech to heads of schools where they will give it to the children. And if you're hesitant because any questionable activity on the device will be drawn back to you, the police assure that any activity after you have given it to them is not under your responsibility.

We have state DGP Niraj Sinha to thank for this brilliant idea and initiative. It will be implemented July 15th onward and we sincerely hope the number of children attending online classes increases and that the gadget bank can be taken nation-wide!

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