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Innovative Banksy Shares New Artwork Supporting 'Black Lives Matter'

By Mehr Sohal

Artist and political activist, Banksy, has created a new masterpiece that undoubtedly shows his support for the 'Black Lives Matter' movement. On the 6th of June, he posted his new work on Instagram:


The artwork features a framed black figure with a lit candle next to it, and the American flag subtly burning above this frame; communicating the message that 'People of colour are being failed by the system (represented by the flag)". What I find amazing about this painting is the epiphanic realisation it leaves us with– the fact that art has power, the power to convey a strong message in a subtle but thoughtful manner.

However, along with this thought-provoking and bold painting, Banksy also shared a message on his Instagram:

The message was conveyed by a beautiful metaphor that highlights people of colour's inaccessibility and incapability of solving the faulty system, for it is not their problem to fix; not their apartment upstairs.

Be it the pandemic dilemma or the problem of systematic racism, Banksy has proven himself to be a strong, influential, and opinionated artist in these trying times.

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