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By Ananya Sahay

Ayra Khetan, an entrepreneur from Bangalore started her own jewellery start-up, called Ikigaicenda. It is derived from two words: ikigai, which means having a direction or purpose in life, and tacenda, meaning things better left unsaid. Ayra started this during the lockdown, just a couple of months back.

“I have always been intrigued by fancy and funky jewellery but I was unable to find it in India,” Ayra says, “It is somewhere I can express myself and explore the different ideas I have as well as expose people to different jewellery styles and trends.”

This business has helped her understand a lot about sales and customers and their mindsets. And also gave her thoughts an outlet. She started this as a small scale set-up but now hopes to grow and reach out to those who are interested in this kind of jewellery; much like herself.

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