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'I am the Bird...'

By Diya Shah

I am the bird with kohl in my eyes.

I am the bird with henna on my wings.

I am the bird that is caged.

I am the bird deprived of her rights.

I do not wear the coat of my choice,

For I fear the men that stare,

Eyes brimming with lust and temptation, 

Each moment afraid they'll take advantage, 

For to them, I'm just a frail object,

That shall cower under their 

Hateful lecherous gaze, eager to please.

Perhaps they hope to break my will

Yet the twigs of the nest of my courage,

Are not so few and I will rebuild

A haven for me, reigniting hope.

I will nurse the eggs of freedom,

With patience and care... And I shall care

Till they soar high in the sky,

Higher than any before them

And it shall remain that way for eons.

I am the bird with dreams in her heart.

I am the bird who is strength.

I am the bird who does not fear.

I am the embodiment of all women,

And I shall not bow down again

For though my wings are scarred,

My belief remains adamant,

Unbending, in the face of adversities.

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