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Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Pranav Gupta is putting education on the forefront!

Hundred4Future (H4F) is a non-profit initiative focussed on the education of underprivileged children in immediate communities (the children of people who work for and around us - cooks, drivers, cleaners etc.). The organisation aims to ensure the uninterrupted education of these children by splitting their fees down the middle with their parents. Furthermore, Pranav is helping their parents structure a saving schedule for the half they actually have to account for.

Hundred4Future was started in early 2021 and in just a few months, Pranav believes that this initiative has the potential to grow to a nation-wide or even international program. In the first 5 months they registered 7 underprivileged students to the platform ranging from kindergarten students to college students and through donations, have raised over 1 lakh INR. These funds have been used to to assist all students with their admission for this academic year and will soon be releasing their fees (admission dates are typically in June).

Pranav's inspiration behind the organisation was being witness to a problem in his immediate surroundings. His cook at home has two daughters, Shreenika and Samantha and this year, for the first time, she had to admit both her daughters to school. As a result, she found it rather difficult to raise required funds and came to his mother for an advance on her salary. At the time he was in discussions with his parents on an alternative community service initiative and Pranav's mother asked whether something could be done for their cook. As a result, Hundred4Future was born!

Through ensuring uninterrupted education, removing part of the financial burden of education for families of lower socioeconomic strata and facilitating students’ admission to better quality educational institutions H4F is gradually working towards the following SDGs : (4) Quality education, (10) Reduced Inequalities. Hence, helping make the world happier, safer, and more equitable.

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