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Drones Lighting up the Skies of South Korea

By Mehr Sohal


On July 6th, the skies of South Korea were lit up with 300 drones; with the purpose of both cheering everyone up, and thanking the frontline medical staff. This is yet again another innovative way of thanking our heroes during these trying times. The light show happened in Seoul (capital of South Korea) over the Han River. It's quite interesting to know that it was in fact the government who organised this 10 minute show to boost morale and communicate a good message about taking preventive measures against COVID-19.

Reminder to wash hands

Encouraging masks

Reminder for citizens to observe social distancing

Sweet message for the citizens of South Korea who have played a huge role in doing a great job in combating COVID-19

Flag of South Korea

Although experts believe that this country may face a second wave of infection, we can not ignore the fact that they have done an amazing job in handling the situation. To install positivity, the show ended with this strong and reverberating message: “Cheer up, Republic of Korea.”

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