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Down With the Tax on Menstrual Products

By Mehr Sohal

The United Kingdom has abolished the 5% VAT tax on menstrual products– also known as the 'tampon tax' –under the 'End Period Poverty' act. Happy New Year to the UK indeed!

Why is this such good news?

According to sources such as 'Investopedia', when a 'tampon tax' is imposed, it implies that menstrual products are classified as luxury products; when in reality they are most definitely a necessity. A legitimate example of a luxury good is a Louis Vuitton bag. NOT tampons or sanitary napkins!

UK is not alone in its action of scrapping this sexist tax. India, too, abolished its 12% tax on all sanitary products back in 2018. Other countries include Ireland, South Africa, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Rwanda, Lebanon, Nicaragua, Colombia, Jamaica, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, only a few states in the United States. While these countries are many in number, it is simply not enough considering the fact that there are menstruating women all across the world and period poverty is a global phenomenon.

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