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Design Fights COVID – Art&Found Initiative

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

By Mehr Sohal

Art & Found is a platform for mostly Indian artists to upload their work, and make it accessible for all. However, much like everything these days, the organization has had to undergo some changes due to the looming COVID-19 pandemic.

Founder, Aditya Mehta, believes that “Design has power. To bring us together, to voice your opinion, to create awareness, to save lives.” And hence, they have started a ‘Design Fights COVID’ initiative ( that aims to unite the creative community; and raise funds for frontline workers who "don't have access to the power of design as a communication tool". Therefore, killing two birds with one stone– engaging local artists in this time of crisis, and raising support for our ‘COVID heroes’, NGOs and nonprofits.

When sending in their art, artists get to select which NGO they would like to directly fund. The overwhelming collection of positive artworks on their Instagram page has created an interesting virtual COVID museum– Check it out!

'Mind Media Positivity' by Varshini Ramakrishnan

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