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COVID Lockdown Entries

By Nandisha Gupta, 23d April 2021

Lockdown came in midst of a whole lot of things. Work projects were on my mind, and a good deal of other commitments were also in the pipeline. Though family earnings sailed us through, I definitely felt the lockdown will be impacting my professional profile. Taking a break as I have, a few times in the past has always brought forth its strains and concerns. Thanking God for the short duration of lockdown, I dint loose heart. Believing and practising to see the positive in any tough situation has always been my counsel.

So how was I to see this phase? I kept myself occupied with background work, online shoots and other hobbies. I came up with simple recipes and worked best to make the best out of the ungovernable limitations. I started making my own breakfast, and a few meals for myself and family. Lockdown project was a haunting feeling to sink in but keeping the current weather in mind I thought it was practically just the right thing to do. I discovered myself and how to keep myself strong in these times. There were triumphs and trials with regard to health of family and friends. But we were all available for each other, at any hour and are doing well.

Coming back to the culinary front, I tried some new features on Instagram to scale up my profile, I was approached to collaborate with different brands. I am happy to have said yes to an online collaboration. Their team was too on top of the world to seek this opportunity. To mention, ‘Misa’ has been very kind to send me an invite for collaborating with them. Very Grateful. I look forward to using their products in enhancing my work.

Phone conversations, movies and board games.. oh yes, these were really saviours to keep us involved with each family member and also cheerful in the lockdown. I also am blogging more actively as sharing thoughts is an interesting psychological experiment in keeping our environment merry. You don’t believe me, I swear it works. Hearing someone out and seeing their perspective is so helpful and motivating. Even as things work out your way or don’t, life is to be seen as a positive learning experience. For my thoughts on this I’ve only yesterday written a blog on my blog page. It is an interesting read on psychology and spirituality. This article is slightly adrift from my other entries, but a must read.

I conclude by sending my love to the community at large and pray for the well being and good health of all.

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