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COVID Cooking– New Hobby

People have been exploring the kitchen far more than before

Sharing some snaps of food people have cooked while stuck at home. This post will definitely not leave you hungry...not at all.

Nandisha - Mousse tart with chocolate mousse and a finish of caramel; pie base made of cookie dough

Adithi - Pasta and cookies

Yuvika - Arrabbiata toast

Nidhi made ginger and clove kombucha, which was a big achievement. The first image is the SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) that ferments the kombucha and looks quite icky. But the second image is a successful glass of the kombucha.

Nidhi also made Kala Bhat salad. "I'm experimenting with different varieties of rice that are there in India. We only hear of Basmati or short grain rice but never of the heritage, artisanal, fragrant and rare varieties. I believe there are about 12,000 varieties of rice in India. Plus the health benefits of these different kinds of rice are also wonderful; for instance this black rice is a great source of iron."

My parents have been trying out new things too: dumplings, and burrata with basil oil to name a couple.

Ashima has cooked several things over the past couple of months– lettuce wraps, falafel, crêpes, dumplings, pull-apart bread, sticky mango rice, nachos, waffles, and Oreo cheesecake.

I'm cooking as well! Chia pudding, kottu parotta, hummus, burnt garlic fried rice, and strawberry pomelo sago.

Oh, and I also hopped onto the Dalgona wagon.

And last but not least, Aaryan really pushed his culinary skills with the creation of a masterpiece– Cerelac

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