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'Change is the Only Constant'

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

By Siya Arora

Every part of life,

Is like an empty book.

A place to write your destiny.

Plain white wherever u look.

Remember the time,

When you heard that story?

Then came to the sad part,

And thought it lost its glory?

But was that how it stayed?

Was that how the book ended?

I'm sure things got better.

All the issues were mended.

Would you have kept on reading,

If it wasn't for the sorrow?

If it were all happy and colour,

Wouldn't the book have felt hollow?

Think of life in the same way.

Every day is a new chance.

There have to be some thorns.

It can't be all song and dance.

Can you watch the same show,

Every day every minute?

Can you think of living a life,

With no adventure in it?

So, go take that risk.

Don't let your heart get scared.

Think of all the challenges you have faced,

And just how well you have fared.

‘Change is the only constant’

Say all the great minds out there.

You will face something new tomorrow,

And that novelty you will have to bear.

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