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'Beyond Sports'

By Mudit Kohli

Sports offers a good balance of physical and mental growth. It also inculcates in children the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Through sports one can also develop skills like communication, problem solving and self discipline that allow one to work together in teams and build sports ethics. The purpose of the initiative, ‘Beyond Sports’, is to encourage sports in underprivileged communities and ensure that there is equality even within sports.

Times have become way too unpredictable with the pandemic being a huge factor in the downfall of an already suffering financial status of the country. This makes it difficult for the underprivileged to provide for themselves. Hence the team of ‘Beyond Sports’ aims to raise funds to provide these masses with sporting equipment so that they achieve the opportunity to strike a balance between their daily life and physical health. In the future, their team will grow and accept volunteers who are enthusiastic to work around the same cause. Their purpose would also extend to taking sports classes in the underprivileged communities once our team grows.

So far, the team consists of three Bangalore-based sports enthusiasts by the names Mudit, Sanjeet and Tarun. Each of them are given a role - Mudit is in charge of the social media department, Sanjeet handles finance and funding, while Tarun contacts NGOs and caters to their needs.

To reach out or to know more about the initiative of ‘Beyond Sports’, here are the following contacts:

Instagram: @_beyondsports_

Gmail ID:

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