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Artists for Yemen

By Mehr Sohal

'Artists for Yemen' is a fundraiser started to raise money for the Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation to directly aid the Yemeni people. Since 2011, Yemen has been facing a grave humanitarian crisis; the damages of which are further ameliorating in the wake of the global pandemic. These two crises are intersecting, leaving the people of Yemen in a horrible situation in the middle.

Hearing from those behind the 'Artists for Yemen'– "Everything we do is for the people of Yemen and we want to raise as much awareness and support for them as we can. We can be reached at if you would like any more information regarding our cause. We also are donating all of our proceeds to @yemenfoundation."

The collaboration of artists in the international cross-section shows great cooperation for something that truly matters. 100% of funds earned from the auctioning of artwork goes towards the cause at hand. While the artist recruitment has ended, the raffle tickets can be bought till August 7th on the following website– Artists featured on their Instagram page can also be contacted for commissions.

Examples of artworks


This small, but impactful initative reminds us about the power of international co-operation during trying times.

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