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A Tribute to Health Personnel who Gave Their Lives Fighting the Coronavirus

By Mehr Sohal

The Spanish caption of the above artwork reads: 'Medical Heroes: 198 fallen in the fight'. Front line personnel and health workers have truly been our heroes during this crisis. Unfortunately, the artist or person behind this collage is unknown (at least I couldn't find the source).

The tribute that has been created with the portraits of 198 fallen heroes in Mexico truly touched my heart with the message of appreciation, gratitude, and pride that It carries. Health personnel are the ones risking it all for us, and the very least we can do is practice social distancing to make their lives less complicated and show our appreciation. This is one of the many tributes people have made towards nurses and doctors through the powerful medium of art; with most of them comparing front-line health workers with modern-day superheroes. In fact, there are murals honouring them all around the world.

By James Cox, Staten Island artist

By Tyson Mitman

By Emmalene Blake

By Lionel Stanhope

By Rachel List

Mural in Melbourne

By Ricky Morrow and Dee Craig

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