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A Story of Craters

A conversation [well, of sorts] between the Moon and the Earth

By Mehr

Artwork by (Me)hr

"Oh, beloved; although we are universes apart, nothing can stop me from admiring your divine beauty. These sparkling stars between us simply fade into dust when my eyes are solely fixed on your stunning demeanour. If I had it my way, I would push the comets and meteors shooting between us away; dim the twinkling stars in this entire galaxy; and pull you, my everything, closer to me for your beauty makes it far too irresistible to remain light years away.

Oh, beloved; although you'll never know, you can not even begin to imagine how long I have been standing timelessly in this still galaxy, waiting for someone to bring back the color in my life. These billions of years of isolation have sucked the color from my face like a vacuum; draining me of the pink tint I used to have on my plump cheeks...leaving me ash-gray. Wrinkles of solitude embedded in the folds of my coarse skin.

But now, you have sauntered into my horizons, and I am absolutely beaming at the very sight of you. I promise that I will sparkle for you, my love. I will sprinkle beams of light on you on the most darkest of dark nights, and be your very own lamp. I will bring you to life when the sky is dark; just so that we can dance under my radiant glow. This–gift of light–, I will bless you with for nothing in return. Except [alas, there is some condition] for your promise that you will always be there for me, like I will be for you.

Oh, beloved; it's almost been twelve hours of staring at you, and my heart is bursting out of my chest, sending bright shooting stars over your dark and cloudy sky...

But, what is this I see? Why are you no longer facing me, dear? Why is there a sliver of light falling over your gorgeous face from the other direction? This isn't the light that I am giving you; oh, tell me, love, who else is making your heavens bright and shiny? For in this whole universe, it is only I who can love you wholely and unconditionally.

Who is it?

Who is it, my world?

Tell me who it is.

The more I entreat, the more you seem to be moving away from me. Oh, stop! Please don't turn your back on this poor old man who's fallen hopelessly in love by seeing you from miles away. Slowly, I feel my radiating shine start to dimmer, as another celestial body much further away from you starts glowing illuminatingly; brightening your face that I can no longer see. Now, all I can barely make out is your back, beloved.

A little piece of me chips off, a little crater, as I realise your secret. I am the Moon, and you are my Earth. But, you will never be satisfied with just one of us, for you need the Sun as well to fulfill your insatiable need for love, light, and luminescence. This secret of yours, I have discovered; and henceforth, every night from this day forward, a small part of me will fall into the still galaxy when I see you turn your back to me."

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